The Fantastic Seashell of the Mind

The Fantastic Seashell of the Mind

The Architecture of Mark Mills

is a monograph on the California architect Mark Mills (1921-2007), who began his career as an architectural engineer and then as an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. He incorporated Wright's methods in his early solo work. He then moved beyond Wright into an exploration of residential use of structural experiments using bridge beams, glulam beams and, finally, thin shell concrete. Most of his houses are located in the Monterey area of California. This book records them for what they offer: a glimpse of some of the best visionary architecture based on structural experiments in the mid- twentieth century. ¬†Bennett explains Mills' design concepts, drawing on interviews she held with him 25 years ago. Many new photographs of the existing master houses fill the book, along with archived photos of his destroyed masterwork. 

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